North-Tech is an engineering company with vast experience gained from a number of diverse projects. Our expertise and experience convinced many companies from across various industries to trust us – from beverage, beer, mineral water companies, to furniture, furniture boards, biomass, fuel oil and CHP plants.

We offer turn-key project and investment management for a variety of industrial facilities – both small (e.g. small production lines, heating grids and individual machine modernisations) and large (furniture factories, biomass heat plants, complete production lines, furniture board factories and in-house transport systems).

As our business partner, you will benefit greatly from our professionalism, experience and reliability, leading to faster execution and cost optimisation.

Our rules of operation and partnership are always the same:

  • We observe the highest safety standards in our work
  • We strive for excellence and let our work speak for us
  • By working with users and investors, we learn and apply our experience from past projects
  • We find innovative solutions to problems in compliance with the applicable standards
  • We care for the natural environment and use safe state-of-the-art machines and equipment
  • We optimise and minimise production and maintenance overheads
  • We provide professional services to offer optimal solutions