Brownfield investments involve reusing or adapting existing land, buildings or industrial infrastructure (often degraded and unused facilities acquired after closed businesses)
for new functions. giving them an opportunity for a new life.

In certain aspects, brownfield investments are preferred over greenfield investments because they allow the existing resources (space in particular), connections, infrastructure and transport facilities to be used more efficiently, and have a smaller environmental impact, allowing investment permits for industrial land to be obtained in a simpler and faster way. They often require less time (commissioning to use and the necessary permits) and allow business to start immediately after the plant has been built.

However, they pose a much greater organisational and planning challenge than greenfield investments. The investor’s room for manoeuvre is restricted because the site is already developed, and existing halls and structures are often adapted. Instead of designing a building for a specific technology, we integrate new production lines with existing facilities, which requires high planning and logistical skills.

As it is the case with greenfield investments, North-Tech supports you with expertise, experience and strategic consulting at every investment stage. We will prepare a feasibility study, assess the legal and environmental aspects of your investment, and provide you with overall technical consulting. You will receive a report on the planned investment and assistance at every project execution stage. We will guide and assist you in obtaining the necessary permits and adapting facilities, all formal and administrative processes, and in addition to preparing and sending requests for proposal, we will also prepare a proposal comparison, supervise and organise the work of subcontractors during the investment, and you will receive regular reports on progress and quality of the performed work. We will perform turn-key installation of machines and equipment, and connect you to power, heat and compressed air supply systems, and modernise existing systems. We can organise and execute comprehensive construction and trade-specific supervision, and obtain all documents required for completing and commissioning an investment to use.